Oklahoma County Community Sentencing strives to maintain an organization respected for its professional integrity and its ability to protect its citizens through community involvement. 


Our Mission

Oklahoma County Community Sentencing is a court ordered diversion program designed to assist individuals by providing supervision, treatment services, personal development,
and employment assistance. 


What We've Achieved

  • The Oklahoma Community Sentencing Act ("Act") is found at 22 O.S. 2001 & Supp. 2008, §§ 998.1-990a-1.1.
  • Oklahoma County District Judges and District Attorneys are authorized to consider Community Sentencing as an alternative to incarceration for offenders convicted of a felony, with a prior conviction of a felony, including some crimes of violence.
  • Offenders must have been convicted or entered a plea other than guilty.
  • Offenders must complete a level of services inventory (LSI) assessment and receive a moderate score of 19 to 28 or higher.
  • For non-qualifying scores, offenders may be admitted to Community Sentencing with the consent of the District Attorney's office or the offender has a mental illness, developmental disability, or a co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorder.